Genesis Gecloud services


Gecloud combines the advantages of Genesis cloud services and our partner's cloud services. We focus on entreprises'business needs, providing professional cloud consulting serivce and management service, helping enterprises implement the most suitable cloud service.

Gecloud has 20+ years of experience in IT integration and cloud building. Knowing how Hybrid IT can benefit enterprises, Gecloud is able to meet enterprises'needs of maintaining control over their own data and reacting faster to the fast-changing business at the same time. Genesis Technology Inc. has experienced cloud consulting team, providing cloud platform building, hybrid cloud disaster recovery services, managed service, and cloud implementation and migrating. Gecloud is your best strategic partner in cloud services.


Advantages of Gecloud service

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Eneterprises are able to continue expanding their cloud presence, using their resources wisely.

Cost effectiveness

Gecloud's services are metered pricing. From capital cost to service expense, enterprises no longer need spend a huge amount of money on IT investment.

Focus on core competency

Gecloud's professional cloud consultanting team can help enterprises implement cloud service and management, enabling enterprises'IT focus on their core competency.


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